Safety is a key factor to a successful project, and of upmost importance to us at BRONZE Contracting. We strive to keep our employees up to date on all trainings, certifications, codes, rules and regulations. Keeping our employees fresh and updated is only part of maintaining a safe job site. We take pride in the fact that we ALL maintain a clean slate when it comes to safety. There have been no safety incidents to date of the current OSHA & Safety rules and regulations. We are also constantly researching, inspecting and updating our tools and equipment to be certain that there are no accidents caused by old, worn out, or faulty equipment. Lastly, at BRONZE Contracting it is a priority to provide a secure job site, by limiting access to authorized personnel only, when ever possible. Limiting the access to a job site or work area by means of fencing, gates, temporary partitions and doors helps us minimize the potential of an accident or injury.