About Us

BRONZE Contracting LLC is a New York State Certified Woman Owned Small Business Enterprise. BRONZE is a fully licensed / insured / bonded professional contracting company. We are known for our drive to complete the work accurately and on time, while maintaining all local, state & federal regulations. We believe that honesty is the foundation of solid relationships and the key to repeat business, therefore we are always honest and upfront with our customers.

With over 30 years combined experience in various related fields (machine shop, welding & fabricating, excavating, site work, demolition, equipment operation & maintenance, asbestos abatement, lead paint renovation, identification, handling & removal of hazardous materials, customer service, computer software, general construction & carpentry), you can feel at ease knowing you have hired a contractor that has built a diverse professional team to handle your project.

Our Team

BRONZE Contracting LLC has a very hard working dedicated team of men and women. We focus on providing the best service possible, and holding to our base of “Honesty & Integrity backed by competitive pricing.” Please read below to find out a little more about our key personnel. This is only a list of some of our key personnel. BRONZE Contracting LLC currently has approximately 48 employees.


Joylynn Bronson [President] Mrs. Bronson has been around the remediation industry for the past 14 years. In 2016 Joy was able to obtain her NYS WBE Certification. Mrs. Bronson is the chief administrator and takes care of everything from executive decisions, to insurances and accounts payable/receivable and much more. She takes pride in being thorough in her work. Mrs. Bronson also likes to provide quick responses to questions and issues. Being a Team leader she also strives to ensure our employees are all properly trained, conscious of safety, and respectable on the job site.


Thomas Bronson [Vice President] Thomas has over 16 years experience in the environmental remediation & demolition field. He has a wide range of experience, from office management and projectestimation to on-site supervision and project management. He is responsible for project estimation andproject management. He is also in charge of scheduling and staffing projects with the appropriate manpower, performing interviews and recruiting employees. Thomas must also schedule all trucking and equipment operations while overseeing the maintenance and repair operations


Tommy Bronson (SR) [Project Manager] Mr. Bronson has over 20 years experience as a superintendent and a vast amount of knowledge in numerous trades. He is responsible for keeping schedules, production, and quality assurance. He is also in charge of our maintenance program, keeping all of our tools, and equipment safe and up to date. Mr. Bronson has owned and operated excavating equipment for over 20 years. Throughout the past few years Mr. Bronson has had the opportunity to oversee and take part in many different soil remediation projects. These projects involved the cleaning and removal of both underground and above ground tanks, as well as working closely with the NYS DEC. to ensure proper and safe clean up practices. 04/06/1958 – 03/13/2015 We lost a founder and key member of our team and family this year at BRONZE Contracting. Tommy Bronson Sr. was a true leader. He was a man of his word, and believed in Honesty & Integrity. He was a hard worker and always had a positive attitude toward getting the work completed. “If you hit a wall .. you go over it .. or around it.. don’t just stand there.” Tommy had a very outgoing personality and could get along and work with just about anybody. The Team here at BRONZE Contracting has all taken notes and learned from him while they had the opportunity. We intend to push forward as we grow the company and always keep the Honesty & integrity backed by competitive pricing as our way of doing business to make him proud.


Donald DeVaul Jr. [demolition Estimator & Project Manager] Don has over 18 years’ experience in site work & demolition and started with BRONZE from day one. He has a great deal of knowledge in all aspects of the project from start to finish. Mr. DeVaul is responsible for project estimation and project management. He also ensures that all utility companies have terminated their services, hazardous materials have been abated and underground utilities have been located, He also secures the proper permits for demolition to begin. On site, Mr. DeVaul has overseen the operations of proper and safe building deconstruction, scheduling for transportation and disposal of C&D, and documentation of all activities. Don currently possesses his project designer certificate allowing him to write site specific variances for the firm and works closely with our bonding company to obtain any necessary bonds we may need.


Brandon Williams [asbestos estimator & Project Manager] Mr. Williams also started with BRONZE from day one and formerly a BRONZE Project Superintendent, has over 15 years’ experience in the environmental remediation field. He strived to complete our projects professionally and on time while making sure we stayed in compliance for many years. Mr. Williams experience and track record with the company made it an easy decision to promote him to an Asbestos Estimator position. Now Mr. Williams is challenged with the task of reviewing drawings, documents, and specifications for all types of commercial, residential and government asbestos abatement projects to prepare job cost estimates. He also assists in pre-project coordination.

KODY LATCHUT [ADMINISTRATIVE / ACCOUNTS RECIEVEABLE] Kody joined our team in October of 2020 initially as a project manager for our demolition team. He has a background in management, accounting, and customer service. Not long after with our growing firm and consistent work flow it became top priority for us to hire additional administrative assistance. Mr. Latchut’s drive to complete tasks quickly and correctly coupled with his willingness to assist any coworker made him an ideal in-house candidate to further utilize his skills to assist the team. Now Kody’s main priority is handling A/R & A/P related tasks. Being a small local business cash flow is a top priority to operate smoothly. Mr. Latchut also handles the inventory and purchasing for supplies and materials. His personality and humbleness makes him an excellent fit to the team.


JESSICA DUDA - WILLIAMS [ADMINISTRATIVE FLEET & MAINTENANCE MANAGER] Jessica has been with BRONZE Contracting LLC since 2015. Mrs. Duda – Williams assists with countless administrative and office responsibilities. Her main focus is updating and maintaining all fleet required documentation. Including but not limited to: Registrations, Inspections, Permits, HUT Tax, Insurance renewals, DOT Compliance paperwork. She is also in direct communications with the drivers and mechanical staff to setup, maintain and execute repairs and maintenance of the growing fleet. Jessie is a very organized and detail-oriented individual that has greatly helped structure our maintenance and repairs program while keeping us compliant.


DANIELLE DUDA [DATA / RECORDS COMPLIANCE OFFICER] With our growing firm and endless paperwork needs Danielle joined our team in the beginning of 2018. Her main objective is all paperwork needed to start, needed during or to finish a project. Danielle creates folders for the field superintendents with all required documentation and compliance paperwork. Upon execution of all project paperwork, she performs in house audits to ensure all required information has been gathered. Danielle also assists in submission of NYS Department of Labor and US EPA notifications and obtains all project specific insurance certificates.


George Youngs Jr [Heavy equipment operator / Project Superintendent] Mr. Youngs joined our team to start the new year in 2018. Welcoming George to our team was a great addition and solid reinforcement to the demolition and site work portion of our business. Mr. Youngs has been performing building demolition and site-work with associated environmental hazards since 1996. He has a wide variety of experience with many pieces of heavy equipment and attachments including but not limited to excavators, long reach excavators, ultra high reach excavators, crane operation and rigging, bulldozers, skid steers, metal sheers, concrete crackers, concrete pulverizers, wrecking ball and much more. George has completed countless successful projects of all magnitudes including but not limited to small residential, commercial, large industrial, government, military and concrete structures. His Mr. Youngs safe and proficient ability to dismember a building structure and keep materials separated as he goes allows us to ensure the client is getting a job well done and a competitive price every time. Mr. George Youngs Jr. is also an ARMY Veteran.


Timothy Olney [Heavy equipment operator / Project Superintendent] Tim Joined the BRONZE team in 2013 already having 5 years’ experience in the asbestos abatement field. Mr. Onley also had some previous experience with heavy equipment, welding and fabrication. In 2014 he entered the demolition portion of our business becoming a heavy equipment operator performing building demolitions with an excavator. Tim has been involved in many of our ERRS team subcontract agreement for EPA region 2 demolition and site restoration projects and countless other small and large scale demolition projects of all sizes and difficulties. Mr. Olney has been tasked with numerous logistically difficult projects in the past, having to successfully dismantle buildings by hand until safe enough, or gained enough room or reach to proceed with heavy heavy equipment.


Jim Muha [Asbestos / Interior Demolition Estimator & Project Manager] In January 2019 BRONZE was fortunate enough to welcome Mr. Muha to join our team. Jim has 30 years of experience, starting in the asbestos abatement and environmental industry in 1990. Through the years he has had the opportunity to take part in all phases of the asbestos abatement work. Jim has an excellent track record having performed hundreds of successful projects while remaining compliant and on schedule. Mr. Muha has estimated, overseen, and performed projects from a few hundred dollars right up to multi million dollar, multi phased projects. Jim will be responsible for reviewing drawings, documents, and specifications for all types of commercial, residential and government asbestos abatement projects to prepare job cost estimates. Making site visits to confirm existing conditions and attending onsite project meetings. Constant communication with our on-site project superintendent, scope, and schedule overview and additional work order pricing are all important roles of his position to help maintain successful projects.


Peter Manning [Asbestos Project Superintendent] Pete has been with BRONZE since January 2015. Coming from 7 years’ experience and a background of hazardous material & chemical handling he had a good start of general knowledge and experience to add to our team. Mr. Manning spent 2 years in the field as an asbestos laborer. His reliability and willingness to put in the effort to complete projects successfully made the decision to promote him to project superintendent simple in 2017. Pete has been a part of our ERRS team subcontract agreement for EPA region 2 for the past 6 years. His experience includes being involved in many different aspects of environmental work including but not limited to asbestos abatement, contaminated soil, mercury, LEAD paint, radiation cleanup, commercial and industrial demolition and clean up as well as emergency response action for hurricane maria cleanup efforts in Puerto Rico in 2017 and 2018.


William Kervin [DEMOLITION ESTIMATOR & PROJECT MANAGER] With our growing operation we welcomed Mr. Kervin onto the team in the fall of 2021. Bill has experience in several areas the made him an ideal candidate for the position. His experience includes but is not limited to the residential and commercial asbestos abatement industry, the nuclear decommissioning & hazardous materials field, and sometime in the customer service sector. Mr. Kervin is now responsible for numerous tasks including but not limited to attending pre-bid meetings, making site visits to inspect existing conditions, preparing estimates and formal quotes, reviewing drawings, specifications, and other documents. Creating and maintaining customer relationships is also an important role he will help fulfill. As part of his project management roll Bill prepares preliminary documentation required for projects, obtains permits, executes dig safe tickets and confirms utility disconnects.


Paul Toti III [ASBESTOS PROJECT SUPERINTENDENT / PROJECT MANAGER] Mr. Toti joined our team in Early 2021. Having a positive reputation and 10 years’ experience in the environmental asbestos field. Paul had moved on to the asbestos / hazardous materials handling / nuclear facility remediation and decommissioning operations. He spent 8 years over the road in this industry when he decided to come join our team in a more localized position to continue his environmental career and put his experience and knowledge to the test. It was an easy decision to bring him on. Mr. Toti has a successful history of completing larger scale projects and overseeing multiple containment sites. He has been known for completing projects in a safe and productive manner while remaining on schedule. Compliance is of utmost importance to BRONZE and Paul is here to help maintain our goals. Here at BRONZE Mr. Toti’s responsibilities will include on-site project supervision, safety and compliance, scope and schedule overview, manpower utilization, client communication and satisfaction.